The Client

NewFounders is a group of young leaders looking to bridge the gap between the old guard and the new in the political landscape. After the 2016 election, this PAC was created to get citizens all around the country to get involved in the political landscape. The New Founders work to bridge tech and politics while building a coalition of political organizations. 

The Opportunity

Every year the New Founders have a conference to highlight political organizations. This is also a time for thought leaders in the space to engage with others about new political solutions. With eight break out sessions during the conference, The New Founders saw an opportunity with recording and releasing new solutions discussed as white papers.

New Beginnings

With two weeks to the conference, we were able to assemble a team of 12 writers to write a10 page pre-read that would be sent out before the conference. We recorded notes and participated in the breakout sessions during the conference. After, our writers worked with the New Founders to create eight 20 page papers that the New Founders could use as a basis for their white paper release. For the project, we sourced 12,000 emails of the best political players to report the papers to.

Why It Matters

The New Founders will be using these papers to reach out to new organizations but to create impact in the political arena, changing the way politics is done forever.

Case Study

Helping a new PAC position themselves as a thought leader and political powerhouse.

New Founders Conference
Release Date:
June 2017
Content Creation

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