The Client

Located in Evanston and Chicago, the Law Office of Joshua E. Stern is a boutique divorce and family law firm that provides legal counsel in the areas of divorce, family law, estate planning and asset protection. The Law Office of Joshua E. Stern was founded in 2013 with the goal of changing the way divorce and family law are practiced.

The Challenge

After working with various freelancers to optimize his social media, Joshua Stern wanted to work with one agency to keep postings on social media consistent. Joshua Stern’s law office valued personal storytelling, but content created up to that point relied heavily on text graphics and data points. The question became: how could they encourage engagement on their social media platforms?

The Law Offices of Joshua E. Stern focused on text-heavy graphics that did not articulate their brand.

New Beginnings

We posted daily on social media and supplemented these social media postings with blog posts for their website. We create a brand guidebook for their company and us to have a shared vision, as we post on their website and social media profiles. We centered content on telling the stories of their employees and other divorcees. With our strategies, we have tripled traffic to their website and grown their following on Instagram from 37 followers to 1340 in four months with no paid ads. The new content showed the Law Offices of Joshua E. Stern as a place of education and support for its clients. 

Why It Matters

As a result of social media marketing and blog posts on the office's website, Joshua Stern saw 3x as much traffic to his website and solidified his office's niche in divorce and family law. Their social media profile has successfully portrayed how they have changed the way divorce and family law is practiced.

Case Study

We helped Joshua Stern position his law office as a thought leader in family law by growing his social media platform through the creation of branded content.

Joshua Stern
Release Date:
July 2018
Social Media

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