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July 31, 2018

    Welcome back to part 2 of our series, where we break down Instagram Profiles of companies with consistent quality content or successful strategies. According to the Chicago Tribune, Mabbly is a digital marketing company that provides services related to branding, promoting, and strategizing to small businesses and entrepreneurs. They customize a digital marketing strategy using features such as SEO, social media, and blogging. On their website, they also have a blog and advertise an e-book.

Instagram bio and first impression. Credit: @mabblytribe

     Mabbly describes their followers as a "tribe" and characterizes themselves as a group of "thinkers" and "go-getters." They believe in working with a purpose and having values that both guide their work and lifestyles. A work and life balance is portrayed on their Instagram page through an array of creative photography, portraits, and lifestyle photos. There is a good array of tight, medium, and medium-long shots creating depth as you scroll through the page. Their color palette leans towards bright and natural colors, while the theme of their pictures ranges from urban, landscape, portraits, and lifestyle pictures.

Nine posts on Mabbly's feed that shows the intersections of work, fun and day-to-day life. Credit: @mabblytribe

     Instagram page started with a “What’s your why?” campaign to interview employees about their mission and deeper goals with Mabbly. Besides this campaign, there were weekly posts that featured aspects of work life such as coffee and the commute, attached with cliches and inspirational quotes. Their method of posting content traverses outside the scope of the company’s work and its employees by showing everyday aspects of the people behind the work such as what they eat. Today, Mabbly has portraits of creatives in city landscape with a prop or pose. Captions on photos use #MeetMabbly and describe one of their creatives and some personal facts outside of their work. These stories tell explain how their employees think and what drives them to be creative.

Personal profile of their new Director of New Partnerships. Credit: @mabblytribe

     In 2.5 years, Mabbly has gained over 2100 followers, but this number has been declining due to a lack of activity on their page. Their posts average around 100 likes per pictures (4-5% of their follower base). Their unique company culture and work style has led to them acquiring clients such as Microsoft (1.8 million followers) and Limitless Coffee and Tea (15 thousand followers).

    Although Mabbly has become inactive on Instagram, we still see them as a pioneer for the workplace culture and creative balance they envision in marketing and branding. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to keep up with how we progress as a company, highlight stories of student content creators, and share more tips on how to better your social media profiles.


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October 10, 2017
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